Carlos A. Ruiz

Carlos Ruiz Soteica

Carlos is a Chemical Engineer graduating from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional of Rosario, in Argentina. He also earned a M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees, both in Chemical Engineering, from the Universidad del Sur, Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

From 1982 to 1988 I was Assistant Researcher at PLAPIQUI (Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahia Blanca, Argentina), where I was also a fellow of the National Council for Technical and Scientific Research of Argentina (CONICET).

From 1988 to 1994 I worked at PASA (Petroquimica Argentina S.A., currently Petrobras Puerto San Martin) as process engineer, in charge of the advanced control and simulation areas.

Carlos has been the Director of the Energy Management Systems Area (Advanced Control and Optimization) of SOTEICA, a chemical engineering consulting firm with offices in Buenos Aires and Santa Fe (Argentina), Barcelona (Spain), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Houston (USA) since 1994. In that position, he has led many projects related with model based predictive control, process and energy real time optimization and intelligent systems applied to process industries.

Carlos is the author of more than 150 technical papers, published and/or presented at congresses. Some of them can be downloaded from: