How can the industry thrive in the era of Digital Transformation?

YKO sincerely thanks the Engineers for participating, and Mr. Masami Tsuchiya for leading the presentations and providing valuable support during the July 5th Yokogawa Solution Seminar.

Today, the global industry is abuzz with the topics of Smart Factory, Industrial IoT and Digital Transformation. As technologies are reshaping the process industry in many different ways, the presentations and demonstrations focused on these themes and explored how real value can be extracted and applied onto operations.

The seminar sessions covered a broader range of digital – starting from the industry, all the way down to the plant floor. Titles such as “Digital Transformation of Process Industries,” “Yokogawa Cybersecurity Solution in IA Industry,” Yokogawa and KBC’s joint project in “Refinery Energy Optimization with Yokogawa Consulting,” “Operational Improvement (MPA/PDA)” and “Digitalizing of Work Management” were presented in front of 70+ engineers. The seminar also served as Yokogawa’s opportunity to announce its mission to become the industry’s trusted total system integration provider, bringing in its comprehensive solution portfolio that combines IT/OT with deep-expertise consulting.

Apart from introducing Yokogawa’s products and solutions, seminar presenters also shared their take on how to innovatively respond to and succeed in the era of digital transformation, reflecting actual customer voices and actual customer situations. Learning case studies that illustrated real applications in the site and plant, many engineers gained practical insights in order to enhance their own operational efficiency, profitability and safety.

About the presenter

Mr. Masami Tsuchiya has been a process engineer in Cosmo Oil for 30 years. His breadth of experience in the plant and with customers draws out valuable insights that can support and empower operations in today’s digital transformation era. Yokogawa recognizes Mr. Masami Tsuchiya’s hard work and contribution to the company and its customers.