Asset Performance Management

Plant managers are amidst a fast-changing business environment. Trends of Industry 4.0, advanced technologies of Industrial IoT (IIoT) & artificial intelligence(AI), and the rise of the energy-saving society and aging population have huge impacts on production activities. Under this situation, they must consider how to improve productivity and safety, train and sustain experienced operators, and cut operation costs all at the same time.

An important approach to address these challenges is to promote DX (digital transformation) in production activities. To enable this, the critical action is digitalization -- make the invisible performance of plant assets visible in a digital format.

Within the asset management domain, low cost wireless monitoring technologies are disrupting portable condition monitoring (CM) and more traditional preventive maintenance activities such as walk around inspections. To track asset health and performance, online diagnostics CM is rapidly transforming to become predictive, where data is translated into actionable insights with guaranteed outcomes through digitalization.

Asset Performance Management (APM) is a leading-edge solution to make asset performance monitorable, analyzable and integrated across the entire plant – all of which are also preconditions promoting DX to ultimately achieve a profitable and sustainable plant.

Please read more details in the Yokogawa portal site about the APM solution.

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