Boosting Cybersecurity in Pharma

Cybersecurity has become a significant factor in the overall risk management for Pharmaceutical installations. Whilst digitization of the sector including the increased interconnectivity of plants, networks and equipment has provided exciting innovation opportunities and improved efficiency; increased cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats of cyberattack are posing new challenges.

To protect themselves, companies need to change the way they operate by addressing cybersecurity threats and designing appropriate defenses. Pharmaceutical companies have to recognize their high visibility and attractiveness as targets. They must work to understand cybersecurity concepts, identify weak points and implement appropriate security measures.

In this article, Chee Hoe Lee explores the challenges facing the industry and using a defense-in-depth approach to security, presents a comprehensive account of the measures required in Boosting Cybersecurity in Pharma.

From conducting initial risk assessments to determine the current security and maturity levels of the plant and Operational Technology (OT) networks; evaluating internal policies and procedures to minimize organizational risk, through to implementing best practices for industrial systems, this article provides insights to reduce risks of cyberattack.

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